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from: Atreyapuram

₹ 500.00 / 10 pieces

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Kotaiah Kaja
from: Kakinada

₹ 700.00 / 1 Kg

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Kotaiah Kaja - Ghee
from: Kakinada

₹ 800.00 / 1 Kg

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Varieties of Kaja

Sugar Free Kaja
from: Kakinada

Tapeswaram Kaja
from: Kakinada

Chitti Kaja
from: Kakinada

About brings to you all the unique sweets in India from authentic and genuine vendors in one basket.

We bring to you the most famous mouth watering and delicious India's best sweets for sale online to taste. We deliver the sweets to your doorstep from the best and authentic sweet vendors such as khaja/gottam khaja from the famous "Kotaiah Khaja Kakinada" and pothurekulu from Athreyapuram, very soon we will be adding few more famous vendors like palakova from Peddapuram , laddu from Bandar, madugula halwa from Chodavaram and many more from different parts across the nation.

Our mission is to deliver the original taste of sweets from its native.

Sweetness is one of the five basic tastes and is universally regarded as a pleasurable experience. Across many cultures sweetness prevails as a positive symbol representing hospitality, joyous occasion, abundance, happiness and victories in life. Many social gatherings, wedding ceremonies and religious festivals often include a social celebration of food, flavors of sweets are an essential element of such a celebration. In India sweets are often considered as auspicious food here sometimes it is served in a meal and sometimes in the form of greeting, wishing the best, religious offerings, gift giving etc.

Hence amongst the finest, well known and genuine vendors in India we bring to you KAKINADA KHAJA a delicacy of Kakinada. The delicious khaja from KOTAIAH KAJA KAKINADA is the most authentic preparation of khaja from South India,Andhra Pradesh, East Godavari district, Kakinada which is established in 1891 by Kotaiah. They are distinctive because of the high quality and purest form of ingredients used such as maida, sugar, ghee, rice flour, oil etc. These sweets are been tasted with pleasure and craved for more since decades. These Khajas are being traded to different parts of the nation and to different countries from Kakinada. Their basic production per day is around 800 kgs and a turnover of 2 crores. Just one bite of the Khaja with crispy layer outside and the thick sugary syrup inside gives you a world class yummy experience. Bet you can't just have one.

We deliver these delicious Khajas to your doorstep ensuring that the freshness is preserved.

We also have Pothurekulu (Pootharekulu) from Athreyapuram, also known as "paper sweet" the most ethnic of its kind. These sweets are packed and exported to various parts of the world from Athreyapuram, a village in Andhra Pradesh. This village is well known for its labour-intensive art of making pothurekulu. These sweets are famous world-wide. The world has surrendered for its... taste. This sweet made from finely ground rice starch, powdered sugar, pure ghee and black gram is crispy outside and soft inside which just melts in the mouth giving your taste buds a pleasurable experience. Apart from the sugar stuffing, jaggery and powdered cashew stuffing variety are also available. For the foodizens out there the heavenly taste and a true delight is just a click away.

Our objective is to bestow accurate and precise service to our customers so that you can enjoy the best products anytime, anywhere. We have selected the best and genuine vendors from a spectrum of options with a particular reason in mind exclusively handpicked to help customers to find the best quality of sweets available online. No matter the Quantity, Time and Place excellent Quality and Best Customer satisfaction is our motto.

We aim to keep up to your expectations ensuring the best and genuine taste.