Chitti Kaja / Chitti Kajalu

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Chitti Kaja - Description

This sweet is same as the Tapeswaram Kaja but this food item is made with fresh oil, which is an extra ingredient to the traditional one.

Place of Origin:Kakinada
Names:Chitti Khaja

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Are these Khaja's from Kakinada ?
  2. Can we make ourselves Chitti Khaja at home ?
    Of course you can, but remember the taste which you get from Kakinda is not that is easy to get.
  3. Main ingredients of Khaja ?
    Maida / Cake flour, Sugar, Cardmom, Dalda, Oil.
  4. Is it Vegetarian ?
    Yes! 100%.
  5. Are they Khaja ?
    Yes, but this sweet is made in small shapes.
  6. How much each weighs
    Generally it weighs about 20 plus grams.
  7. Can i order Chitti Khaja online in India ?
  8. Do you send / fulfill orders outside of India
  9. Do you accept bulk orders ?
    Yes, We do please contact customer care.