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Pootharekulu Description

Pootharekulu is a well known and unique Telugu sweet with mouth watering delicious taste comes from Atreyapuram, East Godavri district of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Paper Sweet is the Alternative name for it.

Pootharekulu also known in English as "Paper Sweet", which is made up of dry fruits with joggery.

Place of Origin:Atreyapuram
Names:Poothareku or Pootharekulu or Paper Sweet

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Are these Pootharekulu from Athreyapuram ?
  2. Can we make ourselves Pootharekulu at home ?
    No! Only well trained experts can do, because making of Poothareku is an art.
  3. What are main ingredients of preparing Poothareku ?
    Rice Batter / Rice Starch, Special quality rice named: Jaya Biyyam.
  4. Is it Vegetarian ?
    Yes! 100%.
  5. Are they Paper Sweets ?
    Pootharekulu also known as Paper Sweet in English.
  6. How much each weighs
    Generally it weighs very less, depends on ingredients it varies.
  7. Can i order Pootharekulu online in India ?
  8. Do you send / fulfill orders outside of India
    No! Right now we are concentrated in India only.
  9. Do you accept bulk orders ?
    Yes, Please contact customer care to know special discount on bulk orders.

History of Pootharekulu

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